VSTKit 0.7.0 released

After 4 years a new release for VSTKit my framework for hosting VST3 plug-ins is available.

Version 0.7.0 brings the framework up to-date, with using c++11 and objective-c ARC, while support for Carbon and 32bit is removed.

On the feature side there’s now support for IPresentationLatency so that plug-ins (who support this) display their UI in sync with the sound.
The VSTKit Test application now features MIDI learn for plug-ins that support the IParameterFinder interface.
It registers itself with the system to handle the VST3 extension, so that when you double click a VST3 file in the Finder the application will open and instantiate the plug-in. If there are more than one plug-in inside the bundle it shows a selector window to choose from.
A new preference dialog allows to specify the knob mode to use in the plug-in editors.
Audio Engine and MIDI settings are also part of the dialog.
In the MIDI settings tab you can define which MIDI port should be automatically connected to the first plug-in event bus instead of all as in previous versions.
Finally Mac OS X fullscreen feature is supported and when loading a vstkit document the plug-in can query for IStreamAttributes on the plug-in state.

As always you can grab the source code and see the detailed changelog on my VSTKit page.